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Phalaenopsis - Ametrine

Phalaenopsis - Ametrine

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Introducing Glitch Stems: 

Embark on a cosmic journey and unlock the mysteries of the universe with Ametrine. This celestial beauty showcases an extraordinary fusion of jade and purple, adorned with intricate patterns that will enchant and captivate your senses. Dare to be bold and venture into the realm of the unknown, where endless possibilities await your exploration.
Indulge in the artistry of our Phalaenopsis orchid, where each individual stem is a masterpiece, adorned with captivating and entirely unique colors. Embrace the deliberate variations, as each stem showcases a distinct and unique finish.
Recommended presentation is when showcased alone in a tall vessel.

Kindly take note that the images and colors presented are meant to serve as visual representations. The actual color scheme of your chosen stem will be exclusive to this collection and will differ from what is shown in the photos.
With appropriate care and under ideal conditions, your stem will maintain its beauty for an estimated duration of 1 week and above.
Comes as a single stem elegantly wrapped in our distinctive G+S bouquet style.

All our bouquets come with wrapped in water or flower sponge for optimal freshness upon arrival. Please keep the bouquet in a vertical position at all times to avoid water flowing out.
For care tips please visit Care card.
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